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Garcia 3-3-07

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Went fishing later then normal and arrived at 12:30pm. Started fishing around 1pm I guess. I went to a new area for me which is in the south end of the lake. It has a deep hole called the Pit which is 10 feet deep. (Deep for this lake) It has nice hydrilla edges around this pit as it leads into flats all around it. I of course had a RED lipless crankbait on and immediately hooked a nice fish that bit so faintly I didn't realize it was a fish. It got lose. A few casts later another thump and I had a decent 3lb (Jumped and saw it so it is an estimate) and It came off as well. lol. I boated a small 14" fish moments later.

I tried some adjacent flats and caught a couple bass in there. I caught one on a large white grub. THe grub is like 7 inches long and I was using it to see if it would catch larger fish. It didn't haha. In fact in an area I was using it I didn't get a bite. I switched to the now infamous RED lipless and immediately caught 2 fish.

Fished for a while and came back to the pit area and switched off of the red because the sky was clearing and the sun was popping out. So I tried a Ghost color which is gold on top and white on bottom but translucent. Neat color. (XCaliber XR50 bait) caught a nice 3lber. Looked spawned out or is a male? Moments later I caught this fat 5.1lb bass.

She is not spawned out so perhaps that 3lber was her male? Both came from the same area and both on a yo yo retrieve. Not a straight retrieve but an eratic jerking up and letting it fall down retrieve.

Caught a couple more and ended the day with 11 bass.

I am going to try tomorrow's tourney again. Hopefully I will catch fish like that tomorrow.
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Beautiful fish Keith! Her colors are so vivid! Thank you so much for sharing your report with us! :clap:

Best of luck to you tomorrow! Win one for The Bassholes buddy! :D :cheers:
first nice fish,but most of all I am jealous that you are fishing in shorts and i am still looking at 4-6 inches of ice here in illimois.
WTG Keith !!! ( gonna have to look in my crank box to see if I got a red one... Somehow I doubt it and gonna have to buy me a couple )

Oh, may need to change some hooks , that lipless may of done had to much of a work-out ( why you did the ummm professional quick release lol )

Lastly, good luck in the tourney tomorrow.
Thanks Ya'll. She was very colorful which I love to see in Bass. That is a characteristic of these grassy lakes.

Hopefully tomorrow's report will be good.
outstanding fish Keith, very good tournment fish.
Beauty keith. I am jealous as well here in Ohio. we are still looking at ice too. But nice catch...congrats
I just don't know what to say... besides nice fish! I'm jealous to. I need a couple of those! :dance01:
Thanks again.

Well, my tournament went well but not well enough for me to win anything. I did catch what I thought was a 6lber that turned out to be a 4.14lber ;) Caught her in the same vicinity as the 5.1 yesterday. (I weighed that one) But I only had 3 other marginal fish to go with her and weighed only 4 in with 9.5lbs. I actually hooked at least 20 and lost geez 7 or so. A couple would have helped me as one looked to be a 3lber? Anyway 15lbs won it and several others had 13lbs. I came in 5th out of 14 boats.

I caught all but 1 fish on a Rayburn Red XCaliber lipless crank today. 1 of my fish was caught on a swimming grub. I like this grub and will be fooling more fish with it later on. Stay tuned. :)

Anyway, got sun burnt and I am tired. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
OK OK OK that was a hit below the belt, it is still in the 30s here we didnt need to hear about your ;D You have to let other people win a tourny every now and then, its OK. Good Job, Just remember you could live up here and still be waiting to even get on the water. And 5th isnt bad at all good job and congrats.

Thanks for the report, Your luck may have been better if you had not beed waring that "F" hat. :D

Nice looking fish, I may sneak up there one weekend and let you show of Garcia. Thanks for the post
WTG Keith
TCB, I know and I am not even a fan of Florida. I just like the colors :) Just let me know when you want to come over.

Dave, sorry about the sunburn remark. It actually was pretty chilly here this morning. It started out in the upper 50's. That is pretty chilly for us ;)

Thanks again everyone. Oh I always release these fish just in case anyone wondered.
Red is on! I saw it with my own eyes today!
Nice fish, congrats.. I recognize that red lippless crankbait..... ;D ;D
You should as you put a hurtin on me with that very bait when we first won the tournament haha.

Brian is the reason I throw XCalibur cranks now. However, Brian will tell ya that he throws RED lipless because of me and that 8lber I caught in Doctor's lake with it ;)
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