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just another south florida critter i hooked.


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Now gar are a blast to catch. Just the way they turn on a topwater bust it like a torpedo. Just make sure you use a steel leader, cause when they start rolling they cut mono like a knife. Still fun to mess with when the bass bite is slow. When you find them in schools just toss a spook and pop it along and watch those things do a 180 and explode on it.
When I was a lil kid and the first gar I caught, I was yelling for my mom and dad saying I had a gator.
I think I lost one on Toho one my last 1 pound shiner. It hit the line and headed straight to the boat. I thought it snapped the line on the motor but I think it just chomped the line. Both the guide and I were dissappointed I couldn't land it because we wanted to see the size of that monster.

I need a gun to get rid of all the Gar i have seen lately along with all the carp too... I saw some guy bow fishing for them on the last outing.... I wished them lots of luck I hate when I see a slow rolling carp and mistake it for a bass... It gets my hopes up.
I love catching gar! They are so much fun and I think they are absolutely beautiful! And yes, so is my pet snapping turtle and so are crocs and gators!

I don't know why so many hate gar. I haven't heard a reasonable reason yet. I catch and release them (though one day I would like to keep one to taste the meat). I understand they eat other fish... that is what I use as bait for them... but its all about the food chain... other favored fish eat other fish too. I also understand that when they are around other fish aren't going to be biting but hey... there is a lot more water around you... just move to a different spot... or sit there watching them learning about their movements and whatever else- I think it is relaxing and interesting, waiting until they leave... or better yet fish for them! They are a lot of fun to catch! They jump up of the water, fight really hard, and they are a challenge to land so if you do so, you accomplished something great! Maybe I am a little bit weird. If a spider is inside I am okay with killing it because it crawled up on my turf. If it is outside there is no way I am going to kill it because I am on its turf. Same idea with the fish. Anyway that is just my thoughts.

Here is a 41 inch gar that I caught this summer.


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You're right sara - fun to catch plain and simple. There are many who target them in fact and yes - from what I hear the meat is some tasty stuff!! :thumbup01:
i have fun catchin them myself, course they dont go back alive lol

hay noone noticed that the first pic had only a small portion of the gar!! he was all head and no body!! where the rest of him??
Always wanted to catch a big Gar. I don`t think we have them here in Calif.
You are so lucky. I have always wanted to catch one. I have seen some big ones on tv and they look like so much fun.
I caught a big one while fishing with Keith,We measured it with his net at around 48"
it was snagged in the middle of the back on a small gold rattle trap, keith chased it around for what seemed like a very long time till i could FINALLY get it to the surface.when i set the hook i coulda swore i had the next record LMB LOL
it was so tired when i finally got it to the boat i just put a hand under it's belly and lifted it straight up


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You a BAD dude if you can lip one of those things.
See! They are so much fun! I caught mine with the hook right in the corner of its mouth up at its head. It was barely even hooked... I was worried I would have a hard time getting it out but it just slipped right off. When I hook them they usually jump out of the water so I know exactly what I caught! They remind me of watching swordfish on TV.

That is an excellent photo! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
sarahusmc said:
When I hook them they usually jump out of the water so I know exactly what I caught! They remind me of watching swordfish on TV.
I agree completely! I love catching them for that one reason. We catch them a lot on Santee when we are fishing cut bait for catfish. We can always tell when we have one before we even set the hook because whenever they pick up the bait our lines would get very slack. They always seem to swim towards the shore on us
Gar now thats a fish with an Attitude !!!!! Lots of fun but they really tear up a lure :sad2:. Ya can't beat the fight though :dance01: :dance01:
i thoroughly enjoy "trying" to catch gar. ive had very exciting encounters, but no luck. my dad saw on the heartland series a couple of guys pulling them in left and right using a special lure. it was basically a nylon rope tied in sort of a noose. apparently the frayed ends wrap up in their teeth quite securely. as far as the negative comments about gars, i dont agree, they are extremely smart, aware of you and your intentions, and put up a superb fight. every creature has a significant role in nature, therefore i believe they should be valued just as much as the gamefish that we as fishermen, and them as an apex predator, value and pursue so passionately.
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