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Gamakatsu Jobee hooks.

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If you get the chance to look through the Bass Pro 2006 catalog, turn to page 189 and take a look at the Jobee jigheads. Now, I did work at BPS for 2 days, and I did stock a lot of these hooks, but my question is this:

Do bass really pay attention or do they notice the red flakes that make the two different color heads different?

I understand the premise behind red hooks, and I am just wondering if this kinda follows the same path?
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I don't think the color of this particular hook would make a difference to the bass if your fish the bait off the bottom of the lake or pond. It will more than likely be covered up by mud or grass or whatever is on the bottom. If your fishing the bait so that it doesn't touch anything then the color might play a part in weither or not the fish takes it. This is just a thought. I think the fish will pay more attention to the bulk of the bait instead of the hook head.

This is a serious question....does a bass pay attention to the lip of a crank bait? For example, do they notice the size and color????

I believe these questions are closely related and I would answer them the same way as I did above.
Well, with most crankbait and jerkabit lips, they are clear and transparent. Therefore, the bass do not see them as well, and would only pay attention to the lure part of the bait.

The only cranks that I have seen with any painting on the lips are some of the Lucky Craft cranks. They look pretty cool.

I can understand that the head of these hooks can make a lure look more streamlined, etc., but I just want to know if adding that little bit of red glitter actually makes a huge difference.

I suppose that it all comes down to confidence. For me, I feel that I would have a lot of great success on it, because it has a Gamakatsu hook.
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