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Ok, I can only blame Jared for this. He done made me jealous with his new ( to him ) boat. So I was feeling depressed and went and bought me a G-Loomis® GL3 7'H . :thumbup01:

Man that thing feels sweet in my hands !!!

I felt alot better, but the dern rod monkey wasnt done with me , ended up getting an AllStar pro series 6'6 H rod also :dance01:

Gordy knocked off about $40 on the 2 rods for me :clap:

Just hope the wife dont find out I got 2 rods today :wack:

After taxes ( 7% in my county ) paid $265
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I'm trying to get you guys to look at Lamiglas rods made in America
Ps; Loomis are a great product and assembled is the US, we should all so fortunate to own one.
LOL Rodney! Sure sure blame it on me! :rofl1:

Man, I am so happy for you and your GL3! :thumbup01:

YOu said he knocked the price off both rods... what is the 2nd rod? you never said
Tom, whats the warrenty like onem and do they compare in sensitivity?
Sure I did Jared.( look by the dancing smiley ) But I will post it again here

AllStar pro series 6'6 H ( is the 2nd rod I bought )

He didnt have the AllStar in 7' so I went with the 6'6.

Tom, this bait & tackle place doesnt have Lamiglas rods.
imonembad said:
Tom, whats the warranty like onem and do they compare in sensitivity?
Life time and I think Lamiglas equal. I'm not trying to down play the Loomis they make a very product, however I think Lamiglas customer service is the best in the business. I'd be thrilled with either one of those top of the line rods.
I agree with Oldschool. I have two Lamiglas bass rods, one an older "Dennis the Menace" spinnerbait special and the other a Lamiglas titanium 6'6" Heavy worm rod.

I also have a few lower end (if there is such a thing) Loomis rods. Crankbait special, frog rod, worm rod, topwater rod -

MBR784C, Length: 6'6", Power: 4
CR723C, Length: 6', Power: 3
PR845C, Length: 7', Power: 5
CBR783C, Length: 6'6", Power: 3
FGR863C, Length: 7'2", Power: 3

Both manufactures make a very high quality product and have awesome warranties.

I also own numerous Falcon Rods which are equal in construction but adds a bit of weight to the overall weight of the combination.

Any of the three Manufactures are great choices from my perspective.
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That G-Loomis sure seems very sensative to me. ( maybe its wishful thinking on my part, but dont think so )

Went to the Butler Chain yesterday with Al, so I only brought 3 rods and a few lures.

The first fish I felt with the G-Loomis had to be a panfish. Felt 2 rapid pecks and that was it ( weightless watermellon candy senko type bait )

Then I had a bass on. Actualy seen it ( maybe 1 - 1 1/4 pound ) But I didnt set the hook good ( ok, lesson learned not to repeat it < knock on wood > ) lol

Landed one bass, but on a weighted senko type bait ( watermellon / red )

All in all I like my G-Loomis after her first trip out with me :)
I will have to agree with Tampa Country Boy on the G Loomis and Falcon rods. I have yet to try a Lamiglass, though.
I sware I am such a kid at heart.

Yesterday when Al and I was fishing and I caught my second fish ( 1st of the day on my G-Loomis )

I broke out in my version of the old song ' Jim Dandy ' ( Good thing yall cant hear these 4 or 5 magical words in my song)

G-LOOMIS TO THE RESCUE ( in the melody of Jim Dandy ) :cool1: :dance01: :lmao: :wack:
:rofl1: :rofl1:
I just bought 2 used GL2s MBR783C (6’6” Medium-Heavy) and a MBR784C (6’6” Heavy). They are supposed to get here today. I am looking forward to trying them out at the Stren this week. A friend asked me to drop one of his Loomis rods off at the tackle store near me for repairs a couple of months ago. I couldn't believe how good that rod felt so I had to get my own.
I ordered another G-Loomis® GL3 7'H from Gordy @ Clermont Bait and Tackle.
He told me yesterday it came in, so Monday or Tuesday I will go get my new baby :dance01: . It will be matched with a Shimano Curado 200 that is on a Falcon rod right now. ( my other G-Loomis is on a Curado 100 that I use for senko type lures ).

Next thing is to upgrade 2 cheap reels I have.
Then maybe replace 2 more rods ( they are BPS brands )
Picked her up today on my way back home from fishing. Hopefully I can break her in on Saturday.
Haven't had the opportunity to try Lamiglas, or Falcon rods, but I do have a few G-Loomis Rods. I have a 7'6" foot flipping stick and a 6'8" jig and worm rod. I use the jig and worm rod with a Curado 200. I broke the rod once ( :wack:) and had to use their replacement program. For $50 I had a new rod at my door in 3 days and a tube to mail back the broken rod. It was all straight forward and I was back in business. I really like fishing with the jig and worm rod paired with my Curado. I feel like I can cast very accurately and sense easily what's on the other end. At least thats what I like to tell my wife...( ;)).

I buy the most sensitive rods I can afford. A trick to sort rods out before buying is to take an empty soup can in and put the blank up to the can's bottom. Have a clerk talk to you while holding the rod tip to his Adam's apple. You will feel his speech through the handle if it's a well made blank, and hear him like using a phone. After market blanks hardly do as well. Once you figure out what to listen for take a longer look at a rod that picks up general store noise. When you fish with one that acts like a phone you will feel things you never felt before. Now the local clerks sell rods faster doing that trick on customers and they already know which rods to hand me. "This one's REALLY loud!"

"For $300 it ought to be loud. Show me a loud $200 rod."

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