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Future of GPS/sonar/mapping?

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It seems like every time I turn around I see some new breakthrough technology coming to market.

GPS was revolutionary back in the day. Color sonar units broke the mold. Side imaging technology changed the way we searched for fish. 360 imaging now is changing the game too. Recently the newest technology that I think could be the future of marine electronics is the use of Wifi to connect sonar with GPS units- such as the Vexilar Sonar Phone which allows users to have 2D color sonar on their phone or tablet, as well as being able to pair it with the Navionics mobile app. Though this is a new concept and geared more for the mobile sonar market, I think it will change the way we rig our boats.

What do you think is going to be the next big thing in GPS/Sonar/Mapping?
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The next big coming thing will be connected with VR I suppose
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