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Future BASS Master Classic Champ

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I took this pic on my cell phone last summer when I took my oldest son fishing with me.
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sorry it didnt work like I wanted it to I think I got it now


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better watch out he'll be outfishin his dad soon! Cute kid though!!! Dave
Looks like a champ to me. He has Pro written all over him. Heck, he holds his pole alot better than I do. LOL :rofl1:
lol he loves playing all my fishing stuff, he gets so excited when sees me with new stuff to put in my boxes.
My little girl is the same way. She has to touch every new lure I have and then she runs around the house pretending to cast her rod and reel. She even puts on her life jacket that I got her a couple of days ago. LOL Its the funniest thing that I have ever seen.
their great though arent they. Im just waiting till i can take all 3 of mine and they understand it. its still fun though
Kids are great, I would not give anything for all the experiences while my 3 sons were growing up ( OK getting older). Cherish the moments, It goes by so fast.

But then there are GrandKids - another story for another post.
He is so cute!
A fine looking young man
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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