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Good one, Jim. Here's another bird...
Ther's this lady, walks by a pet store every day on her way to work. The store owner gets a parrot, which he sets up in the doorway. This parrot starts to talk trash to the lady every time she walks by. He says, "Boy, you are one ugly broad. You gotta be the fattest thing in 5 miles" So on & so on. Well, after a few days, the lady gets tired of the trash-talking parrot, so she walks in the store and complains to the owner. "This parrot has been calling me ugly, fat, and every rude word he could think of since the first time I saw him. I demand you stop him from doing it!" Well, the next day she walks by the store, and the parrot looks like he has had his a** handed to him. Beat up, bandages head to toe, just in rough shape. Well, she looks at him, and he says nothing. She stops, walks back and forth in front of him, nothing. Well, the parrot must have learned his lesson, she thinks. As she turns to walk away, she hears the words, "YOU KNOW!". :eek: :D
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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