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Frog Togs ?

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I been thinking of getting a rain suite for fishing,( now that we are getting rain in Fl again lol ) and I remember hearing good things about Frog Togs.

I went to BPS ( online ) and was looking at them and reading what others had to say about them. I must admit I was surprised to hear all the negativity about them. Seems quite a few people had the seem in the ' seat ' bust open. Plus other complaints.

Any of yall have or tried these ? If so, whats your take on them ?
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Ive heard of a mess of complaints about them. The only people I have ever heard speak well of them were those being paid to do so. BPS has some very nice rain gear. I have a 30 dollar sterns rain suit I bought from walmart. Its been holding up and keeping me dry so far.
I have a 30 dollar sterns rain suit I bought from walmart. Its been holding up and keeping me dry so far.
I think that I have that same suit or one similar to it.  Mine is yellow and looks like overalls with a yellow matching rain jacket. 

Is that what your talking about Jared?
I have had my Frog Togs for going on three years now and would not want to go back to the other type. They are easy to store in dry box, easy to put on, keep you dry and they breath. I fish the FOM SE Texas tournament trail.
My 2 cents worth
Thanks for your imput, Bill. Just hard for me to think about getting a pair of them after I have read negative reports
My buddy has Frog Toggs and he has let me wear the suit a few times. Feels kinda like wearing a tarp, but it does keep you dry, warm and comfortable. No problems for me but I've only used them 5-6 times.
Bought a pair when they first came out and the butt ripped out of them immediately, and NO my butt is not that big !! LOL But I have heard they have fixed that prob and they seem to be pretty good now
I'm on my second set and love em'. My first set lasted about 5 years, so I figure for the price if I can get at least two or three seasons out of them they are worth every penny. The only thing is I would recommend not washing them if you don't have to, even though they say you can, because it seems to make them wear out faster and not be as repellent.
When those Toggs begin to seep rain from too many washings, spray them down with one light layer of Scotch Guard, then allow to dry overnight. Hit the knees a little thicker so water will roll off like on a duck's back.
I heard you could use wd-40 to spray them with. just kidding! lol. I am a big fat s.o.b. and the ass rips out of every thing I have ever tried I now have a high dollar set with suspenders and so far so good.
Scotch Guard huh! I have to remember that. Thanks for the tip maybe I can get a few more seasons out of this pair.
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