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Fried Turkey

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Now, if youve never sunk your teeth into this , you dont know what you are missing !!! ( and you need a turkey cooker for this lol )

My wife mixes the spices ( her secret lol ) etc.. up in melted butter then a trick she learned to ' help ' keep the oil from getting to dirty   from the spices coming out. She will pull the skin back and shoot the spices with a needle into the MEAT. not through the skin !! ( the breast, legs, thighs etc.. )

Then with about 3 gallons of peanut oil heated up to about 325 ( maybe a little higher to start with cause the turkey will bring the temp way down ) Yes, you need a thermometer to know what the temps are .... Put the bird in with breast down or angled down . You will have to play with the fire to ' jack ' it way up to try to get to 325 .  Then cook it for about 4 minutes a pounds .. ( sometimes I will give it an extra 5 mins or so if I wasnt able to get the temp to where I wanted.. Sometimes it is harder if the wind is catching the fire to get the desire temps. )

Also, make sure you are away from the house and use extreme caution while messing with HOT OIL and FIRE.
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How about turkey on the rotissarie? Take a whole turkey, rinse inside & out, coat with garlic powder & cayenne pepper, if you wish you can stuff it also. Put on the rotissarie on medium heat, the bird should be cooked in about 11/2 hours for a 12lb bird. The bird comes out crunchy on the outside & the meat is moist not dry. The garlic powder & cayenne pepper add a nice flavor with out being hot.
Both technics sound great to try out with turkey. Thanks! :cool1: :clap: :clap:
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