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Friday the 13th hits me hard today ( what else can go wrong )

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Well, yall just aint gonna believe my luck today. My truck screws up again, get it fixed ( wire harness I put in for my trailer lights on my truck was blowing something when in reverse );topicseen

Now, this afternoon I am going to the lake ( 2 lane road in a no passing zone ) I got my signal on to turn left, I am slowing down with my brake and I hear brakes screeching behind me. I turn to the left to go to the ramp parking lot and some joker is trying to pass other cars behind me and HITS my trailer. It snapped my 2 tie-down straps on the back. Snapped my ' wench ' strap . And my boat comes off the trailer.

So, I call Dennis ( after calling 911 and then my wife ) with his roll back to come get my boat for me. ( Yes the other guy is at fault and got a ticket etc Yes he has insurance too.. ) So, We use the roll back and get my boat on it then we launch it in the water. I checked for leaks and COULDNT see any leakage. I run the motor awhile , try the livewells and everything. Then I back my trailer in the water and loaded my boat onto it and take it home.

It did put a dent in the side about the size of a fist and scraped the paint in places. Scraped the paint on my trailer and bent my foot step.Cant tell if the trailer is bent or anything.

I am thankful this is an aluminum boat. If it had been a glass boat, it would be destroyed.

I got to go Monday to see my insurance agent and get the ball rolling on getting it FIXED.

So, hows yalls day been
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Theres your new trolling motor and fish finder and maybe a G-loomis or two. glad you weren't hurt.
Glad to here that your okay. It could have been worse. I have seen some terrible wrecks while working for the Sheriffs office.

I hope you get your boat up and going really soon.
imonembad said:
Theres your new trolling motor and fish finder and maybe a G-loomis or two. glad you weren't hurt.
Im almost tempted in that :dance01:. But I for sure am gonna TRY to get the dent fixed. ;)

Not sure where to take the boat to :dunno: ( I know where boat mechanics are, but not for the body ( hull ). I am ' toying ' with the idea of going to a car body shop. I would think they should be able to to fix a dent . Then I can deside about paint on it.

A friend of mine told me about some company he seen ad for that specializes in getting dents out. There somewhere in Orlando I believe and im about 30 miles from there.

I reckon I will know more of what to do after I talk to my insurance agent tomorrow.
What about the truck have you made any progress on it?
I got the problem fixed on my truck ( first my fuel pump went out, then I installed a wire harness which according to the mechanic was the wrong one , which was blowing something when in reverse )

As far as when I got hit the other day, I THINK the only damage to my truck is my bumper. It bent it some.
Bumpers are over rated anyway!lol! So have you had your boat out yet? There seems to be a disturbing pattern every time you are set to get out.
Dagone man things have got to get better!!
Nope, havent had it back out since getting hit. Right now I am waiting on the Insurance company to set up a time to come look at the boat. ( the guy that hit me insurance company im waiting on.. Progressive )

He never called his insurance company so I am having to do it all.Then they try to trick ya with their questions. ( you talk to one person, then another calls you back and has a ' different version' of the accident. )

If I keep getting the ' run around ' I will go back and see my insurance company and get them to fix everything then let them go after the other insurance company.

Shannon, one of these days things have got to get better for me.I just hope it is soon lol
Hey Rodney, you should get your insurance company to go after his company you will get much better results because your company doesn't want to get stuck paying it.
Shannon, If I dont get the results I want this week, I will do that.

I talked to the claims adjuster this afternoon and she is suppose to be here Wednesday to look at it and go from there.
Wow Rodney! Im so sorry to hear what happened! The same thing happened to my buddy a couple years back. Some idiot pulled out and side swipped his stratos. The police officer put down that the guy was at fault. Well when it finally got to the point where the insurance companies had to deal with it. The guys insurance company somehow, for some reason, decided their client wasnt at fault but that my buddy was. To make a long story short, my buddy got screwed. Perhaps it was my buddies insurance company that wasnt so good. I dont know. I just hope that you dont have to go through the same ordeal and that all turns out much better for you.
Jared, so far it SEEMS this isnt the case with this one. It would be stupid for Progressive to think their client wasnt at fault. Plus with the adjuster coming Wednesday to look at the damages and prepaired to cut me a check ( thats what she said , so I dont think I will get screwed in the way your buddy did ) Also she said she knew of a place to fix the boat and would have it towed there if I chose that.

Here are 2 more reasons why I dont think I will get screwed

1. Florida Highway Patrol was on the scene and cited the other guy.
2. He was trying to pass in a NO PASSING ZONE ( for whatever reason )
You're in a No-Fault insurance state, so here's how it's supposed to work. Get a police report, contact YOUR insurance agent, get the estimates, get it fixed, submit the bill to YOUR insurance carrier. Your carrier might pass the bill along to the other carrier. You might be messing up handling it directly. No-fault or not, most state insurers handle accidents for their own clients anyway.
I went and seen my agent this morning . She said for me to contact the other company ( I have State Farm ) Then If I wasnt ' happy ' they would handle it BUT I had to pay my deductable ( $250 ) Then get it re-inbursed when they got the $$ from Progressive. ( My wife and I also thought they should handle it for us, so we wasnt to happy when she said for us to handle it first )

I was hit from behind ( she clipped me pulling out of line ) years ago in the school parking lot ( waiting to get my daughter from school ) The lady had ' all state ' and that was a simple deal. I submitted an estimate to them and had my check PRONTO !! So, im hoping this will be the case as well for this.
Well, the insurance adjuster from Progressive came out this morning to look at my truck,trailer and boat. ( she was a nice young girl )

For my truck, they will get me a bumper or pay me for it. ( I told her to see if she can get me one first )

She took alot of pictures of the boat and will have to show them to their boat guy to make sure it isnt ' totaled ' BUT her and I both feel it shouldnt be the case. BUT as neither of us are boat ' experts ' we dont know for sure. ( if they do total it, I would get more then I paid... BUT then again its hard to find a good used boat for that price.. ) Also if it is fixable, I would get a lifetime guarentee on the paintjob if I use their guy . Also they would tow it there and back to me when completed.

They would check the motor out and make sure nothing is wrong from the jaring ( I am almost possitive it never hit the ground but from the drop it could of broke something internaly )

Also they would do a lake check to make sure of no leaks.

The trailer should be fixable I would think.

So, I expect to hear from her later today or tomorrow ( she was headed off for another claim adjustment when she left my house )

She also called Dennis and told him she would send his check out today for his tow service .

So far I am liking this girl with progressive. ( not impressed with the first girl I dealt with though )

Ohh, The guy that hit me finaly called Progressive and said he hit my boat ( the adjuster said he had called ) I am not gonna be safe on the roads, as I understand he is in the process of moving down here :eek: :D
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Well, I talked to her boat guy yesterday afternoon and he said he could fix the boat. I talked to some of my friends who knows of this guy and said he was good. So I called him back and told him to come get the boat. He suppose to be here Monday morning.

I believe the only thing he will have to order is the fender-wells on the trailor.

Now, comes the hard part... WAITING to get it fixed
I just received a check from Progressive for my bumper. ( she couldnt locate a bumper for me so she sent me a check )

Now I will call some junkyards and see if I can find one, or find a welder to put a pipe-bumper on for me.

This girl ( lady ) seems to be on the ball for Progressive. So far I am well pleased with her. She had to go by where the accident happened to get to another claim and told me she could see the skid marks etc.. from the wreck.
I just received word my NEW trailor was almost at the boat repair shop ( it was in Fl and on I-75 ). I am SUPPOSE to get my boat back this coming Monday. All I can say is ' ITS ABOUT DERN TIME '
Ohh, I had got a bumper at a junk yard for $50. And they took it off the other truck for me :) ( forgot to mention that )
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