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freshwater drum

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I am not sure if it is a record fish or just a NC record but a guy caught like a 22lb something ounce freshwater Drum in Kerr lake two weekends ago. It was in our local paper. The really crazy thing is I didnt know that they were in that lake.
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I absolutly hate those fish. Every time I catch one I think for about the first 3 seconds that I have the big one on. Only to pull up one of these ugly dumb fish. In texas they call them gaspergoos.
22lbs is a monster. Not a record, at least not a world record.. still huge though. Biggest I've seen is about 10lbs.

I dont understand why people dont like them.. they fight great, almost exactly like a big largemouth. When you start getting them 6-8lbs they really fight amazing.
They look at you all crazy when you bring them to the weigh ins. The only time I ever catch them is when I'm fishing for something else. Thats why I hate them.
Are they tasty? I've never caught one myself, but a buddy of mine caught one in a tourny last year while I was on the back deck. IMO, other fish besides bass can ride on home with me, esp. if they taste good. Gar, on the other hand... If I am fortunate enough to get them to the boat, the bill WILL be broken, lure removed, and fish turned back alive. I lost one of my first pointers to these no-fighting critters, and I've hated them ever since.
I used to spear a few when I scuba dived, in my younger years. They would put up a fight if you hit a bit too far back toward the tail. But, I'd really just as soon not have to bother with them when I'm fishin' for bass. However, the thrill is the pull on the line, even if it is a "trash fish". You can make some tasty stir-fry with them that will knock your socks off!! 8) 8)
I dug around and found my land locked drum recipe. You get a cedar shake shingle from the local lumber yard. oil that baby up real good with EVOO and let it absorb for about a day. Fillet your drum and take the rib bones out. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lay on the shake inside down. Squeeze a half of a lemon on the fish. Now preheat your oven to 500 degrees. Pop the fish in the oven and cook for about 3 hours. Take it out. Scrape the black stuff off of the shake and eat the shake. This also works with opossum and skunk.
:rofl1: :rofl2: :cheers: Sounds DELISH!
Hey OTTER how many drums do you see floating in Dardanelle? I always see a bunch out in the river.
Between drums and carp, Ive seen a bunch Mary. I have caught enough that I know you think you have a real good bass only to be extremly disappionted when you finally see the the darn thing. |x| But, it's all about the fight--Right? ;)
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