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It is foggy as heck here at the house this morning. I am planning on going fishing near the house ( where my boat got hit ) but gonna wait till the fog lifts. ( wife talked me into waiting a while )
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Good luck and have fun. What about work??
See you tomorrow at BPS.
I'm going fishing this afternoon with my boss on the Indian River for redfish, hopefully I can smoke his ass.
I got the camera so hopefully we catch some for pictures.
Dont mention that ugly 4 letter word ( work ) lol

See ya Tomorrow night around 7ish
grrr work! Which is where I am typing from right now! lol

Id rather be fishing BUT.. I am grateful that my boss is as big of a basshole as me and he has given me permission to work on (monitor) my site while at work. :D

Good luck Rodney. I look forward to hearing how you did and maybe seeing some pix? (you bringing your cam?)
Nothing realy to report Jared. I caught a couple of dinks. I was mainly playing with my depthfinder .

( I should of had some minnows or beetlespins, seen a pile of 'panfish' on the depthfinder ) lol
Fish4FunInFl said:
( I should of had some minnows or beetlespins, seen a pile of 'panfish' on the depthfinder ) lol
Dang! ya could have had dinner! :)

I know I LOVE bassin but this year I have planned on doing some bream and crappie fishing for the sole purpose of filling an empty freezer with many fish dinners lol
I tried a little last year but I have bass fishing so deeply engrained into me that I just couldnt sit still long enough to actually do well at catchin any brim or crappie lol
I hear it all to often from my wife and mom when I return from fishing... What, no fish to eat ?? lol

My wife keeps telling me she is gonna go one day with me fishing, BUT I got to go get her some LIVE bait to use lol
Lets see-- it hasn't reached above -10 here in Maine today and you all mentioned fishing and boat in the same paragraph.. Whats wrong with this picture?
Sheesh John, if it will make you feel any better I had a jacket on this morning, but by 9 it came off and I had a t-shirt on :rofl1:
Well we were alike in a sort of way--by 10 I was outdoors without a jacket also. Guess you get use to the cold after awhile--they are saying warmer weather in a week or so.
I wasnt brave enough for shorts though ( but by 9 I could of had them on too.. Gonna have to start wearing the sweat pants so I can pull them off and have my shorts under them.

John, when you moving to NC ? or has that been nixed out for awhile ??
Rodney--I sent you a pm explaining why I am still in Maine
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