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One reason that I am watching this tournament trail is because Mary D. is fishing it, along with the WBT.

So, here are the top 10 finishers in the first day of competition, along with Mary's finish.

1. Johnny Crase
2. Clark Wendlandt
3. Sean Hoernke
4. Mike Hawkes
5. Rusty Salewske
6. Al Little
7. R.J. Bennett
8. Luke Clausen
9. Jay Yelas
10. Cody Bird

Mary D. is in 125th place, and only caught one bass for 2-06 lbs. I am sure that tomorrow will bring better luck for her.

For all the standings, check out:

There are a couple of folks that I am going to start keeping an eye on, as well, because they live close to me. Pat Fisher lives in Buckhead, Georgia, which is in downtown ATL. Also, Michael Brown is from Rocky Face, Georgia, which is about 45 mins from me. The funny thing is that I have a cousin named Michael Brown, but my cousin and this Michael Brown are NOT one in the same.

Best of luck to these anglers in the rest of the tournament. Hopefully the fog will not be as bad as it was this morning, when the anglers suffered a delay of over two hours.

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Yup, both of them are doing well so far. The fellow in top spot had 2 gorgeous smallmouth, both around 5-6 lbs. They still may have his picture up on the website.

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Re: FLW Series - Lake Cumberland, Kentucky Final Day.

Mike Hawkes has won the FLW Series Tournament on Lake Cumberland, and takes on a cool $100,000 for his effort. Congrats Mike!

Here are the top 10 that fished on the final day:

1. Mike Hawkes
2. Rusty Salewkse
3. Luke Clausen
4. Sean Hoernke
5. Steve Wright
6. Jay Yelas
7. Clark Wendlandt
8. Mike Surman
9. Jacob Powroznik
10. Bud Pruitt

For the full standings from the Lake Cumberland tournament, click:
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