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Outdoors this week, Hosted by Alex Langer:

Outdoors this week is a program that covers virtually every aspect of outdoor and recreational topics. Whether a seasoned adventurer or a weekend camper, you will be truly entertained. Alex brings outdoor news and talk to the nation every Saturday and Sunday 8 - 10 AM Eastern Time. Guests include a who's who of the outdoor world including, Ray Scott, Ted Nugent, Roland Martin, and many, many more. Alex takes calls and speaks with outdoors people all around the country live via satellite, as he has done for over 10 years. Sit back and enjoy your way to the great outdoors!

Special Features Each Week Include: The Lindner Report - Fishing Hall of Fame Anglers, Al and Ron Lindner have long been credited with pioneering the educational aspects of the art of angling through magazine, radio, and television. Each week, the Lindner team provides features of what's happening now in the angling world.
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