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Florida Tourney

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I think there is a tourney in Polk County Florida this weekend. shoooooot :( I'm in Florida NEXT weekend :blahblah: Would have been cool to see my first tourney in person. Never been in one either.

David :eek:
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There probably is a tourney every weekend on the Winter Haven Chain ( If your talking club tournies )

On the 10th - 11th of March our club will be holding our Classic on Crooked Lake , out of Bob's Landing. ( Babson Park, which is just south of Lake Wales )

I will be heading down with a few others on Wednesday and Pre-Fishing the Thursday and Friday. Then the tourney on Sat and Sun.
I will have to make a note of that... I will be staying in Haines City. Lake Wales sounds familiar from last year when we went to spring training.

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