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Florida Fish

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Here are some of the fish I caught this summer in Florida. Don't buy the plastic grippers. They broke first time we used them. The 7lb fish is to come, pictures aren't developed yet.



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here are more


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and more lol


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Those are some BEAUTIFUL Peacocks! God I wanna catch some of those! I've watched them catch them a million times on TV, had one in an aquarium but I have yet to have the opportunity to catch them. They look like loads of fun and are one stunningly colored fish!

Great job to you and your kids!

Thank you very much for sharing the photos! I cant wait to see the 7lbr  :clap:
HOw much did the largemouth in the last image weigh? Looks like a very nice bass! Good fishing!
that one was a little over 5# just wish it had that sow belly filled up. the peacocks were all caught in south florida canals.
great pics, what were you using to catch the peacocks
Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
they have a red rattel trap with the single treble hook that u run ur line through the bait and tie to the hook. it came from the bass pro in ft lauderdale they said that one or the fire tiger but of course i tied on both and only caught them on the red one.
You FLA guys got the world by the butt!! All that great weather and awsome fisheries i'm jealous! cool photos! I want to catch a peacock too, do the little ones fight like the big ones? Drew
One of these days I need to venture a few hours south and get in on the Peacock action !!
i actually live in central Ohio and i would say that the peacocks would out fight a smallmouth any day of the week.none of those went over 2# and i wasn't sure that my 12 # flouro was going to hang on right after i set the hook.

fish for fun if u go take a partner the people i I've seen that were fishing for them would drive up and down the canal with one person in the front of the boat looking for them then pitching the rattle trap at them. i just fished for large mouth or red bellies and would spot them every once in awhile .all of those came from the same small canal system just outside of the pompano beach area they said that was the furthest north canal that has a population of peacocks. i have the small version of a map if interested.i think i read that the state record was a little over 9#
Im guessing that record wont be long before being broken. Ive seen pictures of 20+lb peacock bass. The all tackle world record is 27lbs even.. well thats for the speckled peacock.. but still.. dang! Imagine that? And if they fight harder than smallies... WOW talk about a battle! Id LOVE to experience that!

I wonder what species Florida has. There appears to be 3 species of peacock bass: Speckled, Butterfly and and Black Striped.
Ok it looks like Florida has Butterfly Peacock Bass. I havent found any info saying if that is the only species of peacock in florida though.

Its world record is 12 9
The largest caught in florida seems to be 8 12 from South Dade.
i am in the process of saving all my pennies for a peacock trip way south of the border.20# explosion on top water   just one word

OMG No doubt! That would be such a rush!! Thats got to be insane! lol
I was watching a show a while back now ( maybe 2 years ago ) and they was near Miami fishing in some canal and them Peacocks was smashing the heck out of their lures !

Now, dont hold me to this BUT I wanna say they was imported ( cant recall where from though.. or if I am remembering correctly )
Headed to Florida next spring, cant wait to fish em myself!

Great pics and fish!
Fish4FunInFl said:
Now, dont hold me to this BUT I wanna say they was imported ( cant recall where from though.. or if I am remembering correctly  )
Yep you are right. They are not native to Florida. Their normal habitat is south america.
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