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For what it's worth, unless you need to get right on top of the heavy cover to drop the lure quietly straight down though a tea cup size hole, you can loop cast with standard tackle. The I fish rarely require flipping or pitching with 8' heavy rods. Pitching is what has become popular and consider "flipping' by the majority of bass fisherman today. The presentation key that is important is keeping the lure close to the water surface to reduce the entry splash and go under over hanging obstickles. I have been using a under hand loop cast long before Hank Parker popularized this cast technique and it is perfect presentation instead of pitching, where the cover allows it. The lure stays low to the water, is very accurate with practice and fast. You are not on top of the bass, maybe 20 to 30 feet away. The key with loop casting is using a 6 1/2 to 7' medium heavy fast action rod that cast well and keeping your boat the same distance form the target as you move along. I use 65 lb Fins superbraid to get the bass out of the cover once it's hooked. Works for the majority if the time.
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