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Flats Masters

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I was watching some of this tournament on the tv lastnight. I must say it surprised me when I seen some of them get out of their boats and ' wade fish ' on the flats.
On some of the boats I seen 3 members and 2 of them would get off the boat and wade fish.

On the part I watched they was after ' red fish '
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Yup, that's some fun right there. Wading for reds. I did it out in the Gulf, when I was 14, I believe. It's been a while.

You have to be very stealthy and very careful. Any wrong movement, and the stalk for the fish is over.
We do something similar here when we go on the shallow mud flats, flyfishing for carp. It doesn't really compare though!
It doesnt surprise me that people do it, It just surprised me as this was a TOURNAMENT.
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