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When you feel as though you have reached the end of your road when it comes to your topwaters, jerkbaits, and crankbaits, here are a few tips that can get a few more bass.

First off, anglers should keep Sharpie markers handy. All colors are great, but especially the red marker. Red on a bait represents blood. It has been proven by scientists that the sight of blood by bass causes an aggressive feeding behavior, as they feel the bait in question is injured or dead.

The things that you can do with the Sharpie markers are endless. The biggest thing that you can do is to add red dots or even small red lines to your hard baits.

Also, especially with the topwater lures and jerkbaits that have the "dressed" rear hooks, lightly touch the Sharpie to the tail, and cause the tail to "bleed".

Another neat thing that you can do to add attraction to your hard baits that do not have a "dressed" hook is to add one to them. This is especially true with jerkbaits and crankbaits. Adding that little addition gives something else for the bass to hone in on.

Another thing that you can try is to color your own hardbaits. Yes, that's right. Color your own hardbaits. Several anglers have their own air brushing system, which allows them to change the color of their hardbaits. The only thing that you have to make sure is to add a top-coat to protect the new paint.

The next little thing that you can do can be applied to jerkbaits. I have not tried it with topwater lures or crankbaits. You can tie a "loop" knot. All you do to tie this knot is:

1. Tie an overhand knot in your hand, but do not cinch it down. Allow a 2-3" tag end.

2. Take that tag end, and insert it into the O-ring or nose-ring of the lure.

3. Take the tag end and insert it through the overhand knot that you have tied.

4. Take the tag end, and make several loops (2-4), just as though you are tying a Clinch knot.

5. Take the tag end, and insert it through the hole that is created from the wrapping you just did.

6. Lubricate the knot and cinch down.

After trying this a couple of times, you will discover the correct amount of line needed to accomplish the knot, and you will see the advantage of using it. When tied correctly, it will leave a loop that will allow the jerkbait great freedom of movement.

The perfect knot will be big enough to allow the lure freedom of movement, but will also not cause any fouling when casting the lure.

I hope that these little tips increase your catches with hardbaits.

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Great Tips!!! I like a little extra color on my baits sometimes as well, and feathers added to a topwater have always seemed to draw more strikes. :thumbup01: :thumbup01: :thumbup01:
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