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Fishing trip 1-6-07 tomorrow morning!!!

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I am going fishing in the morning and would apprereciate any last minute tips. It will be at a pond.

1.) temp should be around 45-55 degrees
2.) partly cloudy with chance of light showers
3.) pond has stumps, moss, and lily pads with about 5 tress/bushes extending over the pond.

I plan on fishing with baby brush hogs, spinner baits, and some jigs.

What would yall add??
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SENKOS!!! Must have item for cold water fishing. Also susp. jerkbaits if the water was clear.
Dont forget the cranks to bump the stump! Dave
If this pond has a dam, that where I would start and work the transitions where the dam meets the bank, any rip rap and any other outside features that you know of. It's pre spawn in Texas and a pond is no different than a lake, just smaller. Let the bass tell you if they are active or not and start with lures that cover the water column, top to bottom. Since I have no idea what the bass size are or prey they are targeting a specific lure type is impossible to suggest, so go with what you have the most confidence in.
I just got in from the lake! We spanked them on jigs where we were catching them two weeks ago on jerk baits. Our jerk bait bite was nonexsistant today, don't know what was up but found them with another presentation. Super slow jewel jigs. I'll try to post pictures later.
Rattle traps my friend. They used to be my go to lure this time of year out there in Texas. Only 1 color basically to worry about, RED.

Good luck.
Funny how a couple of months changes things for me. I just got in from the lake. I manage to catch about 10 spots of off a twenty foot section of bank on a LC ghost minnow other than that it was slooooow. I talked to Dion at the ramp this morning he was pretty tight lipped but I saw him Blast past me going towards the main lake. I know that is where the bit is going on I'm just trying to find something else.
hi steel basser said:
SENKOS!!! Must have item for cold water fishing. Also susp. jerkbaits if the water was clear.
Jerk bait, something simple like original #13 flaoting Rapala, gold/black. Pond bass love Rapala's. Also a 7" black w/blue neon curl worm for the over cast weather, another pond favorite. Bag of worms, few 3/16 oz black bullet weights, 3/0 hooks, what more do you need?
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