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Fishing This Weekend?

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Who's planning on going fishing this weekend and where?

I'm more than likely going to be hitting my pond.
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Im gonna try to fish the rim canal this weekend, theres a tourney next weekend and i havent fished the canal in a while. Dave
I had all my plans set up to TCOB Saturday and hit the water sunday. Found out today I have to work tomorrow. :mad: I might skip the TCOB thing entirely, as I have only been fishing like twice this year, and got skunked both trips. Gotta get that happy new year fish in soon.
I will be with everyone of you that are fishing this weekend in my thoughts. :D
More then 2 1/2 ft of ice on my lakes so I guess launching the boat is out of the question.
John Porter
I am hoping to hit the Sabine River or Lake Cherokee. Who knows, I might go to Fork for old time sakes.
JohnPorter said:
More then 2 1/2 ft of ice on my lakes so I guess launching the boat is out of the question.
ouch! all them trophy smallies and no way to get to them :'(
With company down and leaving for our cruise next Saturday for 7 days, not sure if I will fish any, until after the cruise.
We don't have the ice on the lakes but My boat is still iced in. This SUCKS
I fished Harris Chain today with ABA. Didn't do to well, 2 bites two fish (both flipping grass lines and pads. Ya think I would be use to fishing behibd frontal conditions, seems like we have had to contend with one each weekend for the past several months. I am fishing St Johns out of Palatka tomorrow with ABA as well. Hopefully I will do a little better. But as alway I had fun, learned a little and had an oppertunity to meet others with my passion for Bass fishing.
Good going and good luck tomorrow
Well, I kinda went today. I didn't load the boat, just grabbed a rod and a few lures and went down to this little lake. There were several people there fishing for anything, as it was a pretty day. Nobody had a bite, including me. I threw a 1/4 oz jig with a #11 pork frog for a couple of hours, and a bungee hawg about the same length of time with a 3/8 oz weight. The water was stained to muddy. I hate wintertime.
I hate that when it happens hsb, but it does and they call it fishing.
I'll quit whining now I finally got my boat out of the Ice and peeled the cover back. Its all still there got a tourney in five days man am I jacked up!
Good luck, I hope you kick butt!
imonembad said:
I'll quit whining now I finally got my boat out of the Ice and peeled the cover back. Its all still there got a tourney in five days man am I jacked up!
Good luck and keep us posted on how well you do.
I went Saturday to BPS in Orlando and spent way too much money. I had to get a new graph as my Lowrance LCX15MT crapped out on me a few months back. Luckily in Florida the need isn't that great to have one as the water where I fish is mostly 5 feet or less. I got a Eagle fish mark 480. BPS had it on sale so I went ahead with that. Wished I could have got the color ones but that budget thing keeps slapping me haha. Got a new rod and reel and some lures.

Fished a tournament on Garcia again Sunday. Apparently I used up all of my luck last weekend when me and my buddy won it. I had no luck today. I bought the magic bait at BPS albeit only 1 :-[ and started right away catching fish on it. Then I missed 2 nice ones that jumped and threw the bait and the other one just pulled loose. First one I saw and it looked in the 3lb range. Second I never saw and pulled hard like a big fish pulls. I was so deflated after that. It was only fitting then that a freaking Pickeral followed my bait and decided to swallow my bait and even though I saw it was a Pickeral I went into the usual jerk rod set like an idiot and of course the 30lb braid was cut as if I was using sewing thread. :cussin: :banghead: Well after this only 1 more bite and fish the rest of the day.

Since I only had 3 fish in the livewell I didn't even want to weigh in so I released them back into the flats that I caught them and just went home. Didn't even hang around for the weigh in. I only had 4.5lbs combined haha. So I installed my transducer and epoxied it into my hull the rest of the day when i got home. Hopefully I did that right :D
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That my friend is why it is called fishing not catching!
Drew, best of luck on your upcoming tournament. Hope the day turns out the way you have no doubt fished it in your mind for weeks now.

Sunday on the St. Johns turned out to be cold as heck in the AM, the boater I fished with ran north about 15 miles and I froze my butt off. Got to the 1st stop and no tackle bag. Somewhere in the process my tackle bag either flew out of the boat or was thrown out by some of the wakes he crossed at WOT. I was a little less than happy but told my boater I was OK, he had paid his entry fee and I would not keep him from fishing.

I asked for a few worms and I would just fish them. I figured I could cover all water columns by varying the way I rigged the worm. I picked up my worm rod and the side plate fell off and into the drink!! Finally my boater saw I was about to have a heartattack and said lets go back and find that bag of yours. Well I did not have much hope as I figured it sank like a rock and took my $1500 Handheld Garmin GPS, tons of tackle, and a rain suit with it.

Well I could not believe my eyes about 1/2 way back to the ramp there it was bobbing up and down like a crabpot buoy. We retrieved the bag and off we went back to our first fishing hole. First cast with a zoom vi bra tail, took a 3lb'er. We fished for a while longer and my spirits picked back up. I managed to catch what I thought had to be the next world record on a crankbait that turned out to be a mudfish. Before the end of the day I managed one other keeper for the day. My boater had his pass at one non-keeper and his own mudfish.

So the day did not start out well, but it ended OK, no real weight caught at this tournament. I believe the winner weighed in around 10lbs. I had about 4-1//2. My boater turned out to be a super guy and we had a good day together trying to figure out the pattern.
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TCB--Glad your day wasn't totally spoiled. At least your getting to fish. LOL
TCB, Dang man that sucked! At least you got on em a little! I'll bet you never forget that tourney. Theres always next time. My boat is cleaned off and ready to go and we are gonna get walloped by a winter storm tonight. It is supposed to be in the 40s by sat.
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