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Fishing soon

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Well, as a few of you know, last year there was a small pond/river that i fished with my buddy Bryan early in the year and we saw some monster fish some pushing 7 and 8 pounds, and caught tons in the 2 to 5 pound range
If some of you remember these pics:

We're heading there soon, hopefully this weekend to scout around and see what's goin' on. We're actually prepared for the big ones this time, so hopefully we can get some giants!
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Yup, I remember those pics. Gorgeous bass, bud. I am heading out tomorrow to my state park and see what's going on. We had a bit of a "front" move through that dropped a decent amount of rain and dropped the temps from the 70's to the 60's for highs. Lows have stayed around the same.

I am going to get some pics of the park better, so that you all know what I am fishing. LOL Hopefully I can bring home a couple of pics of bass, too.
great, can't wait to see 'em. This summer, this forum is just gonna be crazy lol
Poor Jared might have to get more space! LOL ;D
I recall them pics as well, Adam.. Good luck to you and to John on yalls upcoming fishing trips.
Those are some nice bass you got there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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