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Okay, I'm really bored.. LOL It's still winter and all I can think about is spring time fishing and riding the motorcycle. So, while dreaming of being out on the lake, I decided to look through some of the scenery photos the wife and I have taken throughout the last few years while fishing. I would like share some of my favorite northern outdoor photos with everyone here. Here are a several that are among my favorites. Hopefully you enjoy them.
Please post your favorite scenery or wildlife photos that you have taken.

Long Lake, Wisconsin

Pavolis Lake, Wisconsin

Lake Mattawa, Canada


Those are really awesome photo's there Cop. You have a powerful zoom lense I can see. Great Bald Eagle pictures and scenery shots in general.

Funny thing is I was going to bug Jared to create a section just for this myself. I love photography also and have tons of pictures I could share. Here are a few:

Rodman Reservoir resident during 2005's draw down.

Lake Fork sunrise

Smokey Mountains

Stream in Smokey Mountains

Whitewater Falls in NC

This is what Garcia reservoir will look like soon. No more Ratle Traps then haha

Here is one of the flats I fish now. It is 3-4 feet deep and is where I catch allot of fish on lipless right now. That is till the hydrilla mats on the surface. It doesn't mat on top everywhere though.

Beautiful Ducks. Not sure which kind. Saw them in Homosassa Springs

Close up of a Manatee I took while in Homosassa Springs

Beautiful downtown area of Jacksonville, Fl.

Bald Eagle taken at private lake in East Texas

My 2 kiddos.

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KeithsCatch said:
You are welcome to use any of mine Jared. BTW, where is this photo gallery you speak of?
Thank you Keith and... well... it's not quite complete yet.. I was working on it last week but had to stop to fix other stuff on the site. Here is a link to the test gallery I created.

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:rofl1: :rofl1: :rofl1: :cheers:
I was about to say those were breathtaking photos until I read farther down. You kill me!
Thanks. I needed that!
But WOW, Gods work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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