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Fishing Rods

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Whats going on guys? So Im sitting here in Texas enjoying this great weather, knowing that at some point the rain and lightning will have to pass and the sun will need to come out.

I was checking out the local college bass clubs seeing where they had been having luck. First school I went to was the Aggie Anglers since they are closest to me. I saw that they are going to Lake Conroe. I kept scrolling down looking for more places to fish and something got my attention. They had an add for one of their sponsors a company called McCain rods I think it was called. Any ways through the anglers you could get a rod with the Aggie Anglers log on the rod. Now I'm not to interested in that. However I went on to read the post they had about the the rod it was a nice simple rod nothing flashy just simple.

After reading all that I did a google search about the company to see if there was anything. Honestly not much came up except their website. So I clicked on the website to see what they had to offer.

So the rods like I said are simple all the information I got was off of the website I posted above.

The blanks are constructed with American made carbon fiber prepreg that has a strong concentration of high modulus carbon fiber and a minimal amount of resin.


The Rods feature high quality components that are tournament tested. We use Kigan 3-D Design zirconia ring guides with stainless steel frames that wrap around the ceramic rings to provide maximum durability. They are sensitive, attractive, and they are sized properly. You will make long casts and your leader knots will smoothly pass through these guides. We use Fuji exposed blank reel seats, premium cork handles, and Flex Coat hi-build epoxy finish.
This is A-list componentry for a rod with no frills and no compromises.

McCain rods were created by Morgan McCain, a fishing rod technology and industry expert. Morgan is the founder of All Star Graphite Rods and the originator of technique specific actions. He has been working for several years to develop and apply new technologies to fishing rods, and the MHP line-up is the result of this work.

I would like to get my hands on one to test it out and see how they feel. So my question is has anyone seen or heard of these. If so please let me know and where I can got one.
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fishing rods

So I sent off an email to McCain rods about a couple of days ago. I asked them about their rods, how they were designed and such. They respond back with some information about the rods. The main thing that got me about the rods was they're producing now is some of them are updated versions of the old All Star rods from the 80s. If you remember those rods the ones that have the made in Houston, TX on them than you remember how good of quality they were. I honestly think thats cool, to bring back a such a good design that had worked so well in the past, and than bring it into the twentieth century with modern updates.
Fishing rods come in different lengths, powers, and actions to suit various fishing styles and environments. Longer rods generally provide greater casting distance, while shorter rods offer more precision and control. The power of a rod refers to its strength and determines the size of fish it can handle. Actions describe how the rod bends under pressure, ranging from fast action (bends mostly in the tip) to slow action (bends throughout the length).
When choosing a fishing rod, consider factors such as the type of fishing you plan to do, the species you're targeting, the fishing location, and your personal preferences. It's always a good idea to consult with experienced anglers or visit a local tackle shop for advice on selecting the right fishing rod fuel tank marine for your needs.
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