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Fishing Rocky Mountain with Tony. 06/30/2006

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This is a write up I did for the Chattanooga Fishing Forum, and any "handles" used in this write up are folks on there.  It's a local forum that has the information and folks that I need for the specific area.  Tony and I had a good day, along with his boy, and I hope that I can bring him over here and he will post on here.
Well, all the excitement and doubts finally came to head as Tarheel pulled up beside my house this morning right at 5 AM, on the dot.  We took off, and tried to find a place that was open for biscuits, and after stopping 3 times, we finally stopped at the last possible place before hitting the water, where Tarheel and his boy got some grub.

We hit the water about 5:45 AM, and after launching, we immediately went straight to the rip-rap dam, across from the launching cove.

Ok, at this point, I must ask Fishin' Junky a question.  What Rocky Mountain PFA were you fishing?  ;)   

Ok, back to the report.  We pulled up to the bank to the left of the rip-rap dam, about 150 yds., before the rock started, and we noticed a lot of action happening on the bank.  So, I had my trusty Pop-R on, Tarheel, Jr., started with a Pop-R as well, and Tarheel started with a Strike King Ztoo, which is a improve version of the Zulu.

Well, I got lucky and nailed the first fish.  We totally forgot to weigh it, but considering the size of the other bass, we figure it to be around 1 lbs.  It hit the Pop-R very lightly, but I got the hook up.

Not long after hooking this beauty, and getting Tarheel, Jr. to take the pic, Tarheel hooked up on the Ztoo, and the poor fellow thought it was a REAL shad.  He had swallowed the hook, and don't be scared for the blood in the pic, as the bass was not harmed more than it had done on it's own, and it swam happily back to it's home.  Again, we totally forgot to weigh this fish, but I think that it was 1.5 lbs., as we could compare it to my fish, that I was still holding.  LOL  Yup, Tarheel's bass was bigger, this time.  ;)

We continued to work the rip-rap over, and had made one pass down it, and had turned around and started the 2nd pass, when I hooked this bass on the Pop-R.  Again, it was about 1 lbs. 

After catching this fish, I told them both about a pet bass that I had caught on the left side of the rip-rap about 4 times in the past.  Her name is "Besty" and the only way that I can tell it's her is that she has a black spot on her tail, like a redfish.  Well, we didn't hook up with her today, but she was making quite a bit of noise hitting shad against the bank.

As we got closer to the left end of the rip-rap, I was up on the trolling motor and had made a cast toward a log, and had plopped it once or twice, and let it sit while answering a question or two, and I thought that I was going to have a heart attack.  I had made the comment that I would be greatly surprised if we didn't get a 5 lber. off the rip-rap............well, we came close.  As the Pop-R sat still, this chunky little bass came up and nailed it............and I mean nailed it.  He made the Pop-R feel bad about itself.  It sounded like a cynderblock had fallen in the water.  emoLaugh

I guess the bass is close to 3 lbs., but comparing the bass to me, it looks like a dink.  I honestly need to lose weight.  emoRedface

And don't think that Tarheel and his boy weren't catching bass............errrr, well, Tarheel and I were catching bass.  His boy was having a hard time, but having Tarheel for a father will put him on the way to being a GREAT bass angler.

Tarheel had caught a couple more little bass, all around 1.5 lbs., but didn't wanna bother taking pics with them, and Tarheel Jr. had caught a bass that was about 1/2 lbs. 

Tarheel did catch another good fish, about 2 lbs., but for some reason, the camera decided that it wasn't going to cooperate, and the pic turned out blurry.  After messing with the camera, I finally got it working again, and took this pic of Tarheel and his boy.

Now, while all of this was going on, we were missing a few fish.  I had switched over to a jig, and I had caught another 3 fish................Heel, I was wrong, I got 6, and you got 5.  Not 5 and 4, like we thought.

I missed a SOLID 3 lbs. bass on the Bitsy Bug.  Tarheel can attest to it, cause the thing shot straight toward the sky with the jig in it's mouth, and it deposited it back to me right next to the boat.

Tarheel, Jr. had caught another bass, around 1.5 lbs. on a lizard, as did his Dad. 

All in all, it was a good day on the water with a couple of new fishing buddies, and I hope that he and I can get out together again soon and do more fishing.

All the fish were caught on either a Ztoo, a Pop-R, a lizard (Tarheel can chime in on the color) or on a jig.

We checked a couple of my off-shore places, a few humps, etc., and they were holding absolutely nothing.

Heel, thanks for the trip, and next time out, we might be able to hit Heath and we can get a steady stream of 2-4 lbs. bass, and the chance of getting a bass that is over 5 lbs.  And bring Tarheel, Jr. with ya.  ;)

I would say that the best 5 bass that we had would have totaled around 9 lbs., or maybe 10.

And I have to say that Heel is a great angler guys.  He has the gear that makes an angler great, he positions the boat in the right spot, and he allowed me to use the motor at times, which was great.  I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with him, and I hope that he enjoyed the trip as well.

We did have a little problem loading the boat.  emoBang I had told him that I did have experience loading the boat, and I do, as I have done it for my friend, who owns a Tracker.  Needless to say, a Triton is a little different than a Tracker, and I thought that Tarheel was either going to bust out laughing, or either wanted to "b-slap" me.  emoLaugh emoLaugh   At any rate, the first time I tried to load it, I went totally sideways with it.  It was hilarious to me.  Finally, I made another sweep, and we got-r-done.  emoBang emoBang emoBang   Hopefully I didn't tick him off too badly with that little trick.
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Sounds, and looks, like you had a great time John! Very nicely written report/article! Now all you need to do is get everyone mentioned in this post (from the other site) to come join up over here  ;) lol

Thank you for sharing the story and pictures with us buddy :)

I am sure that Tony will come along, as this is his 3rd year in bass fishing, and he considers it a "college education" kind of situation. So, I know that he will be more than thrilled to join up.

As for Fishin Junky............well, I ain't so sure 'bout that one. :D
Nice report and pictures !!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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