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Fishing report for 4\7 at Lake Gaston NC

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Well we went to the lake house yesterday and we were going to stay all weekend but it got real cold. Any way here is my report. I went out last night and didnt get a hit. I got up at 6 this morning only to find that we were having a blizzard outside. I got half way out the cove and came back. The snow let up at about 10 and I went down to the dock with my step son and threw on a beattle spin on his rod so he could catch some sunfish and low and behold I caught a bass on it. I tied a bigger one on my rod and caught 3 bass in about 30 min off the dock. It was just too cold to stay so we came back home.
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Yall were almost ice fishing huh. LOL

The only thing I caught today was a cold. LOL

Beattle spin----I haven't thrown one of those things in years. I have a ton of them somewhere. That is a bass catching bait though.
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