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Fishing memories, not the momemt.

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Everyone tends to do what they are comfortable with and had success with. Bass fishing is no different and we go to the same places and use the exact technique that worked the last time out, regardless what the bass are actually doing at that time. This is one reason why local bass club fisherman do poorly fishing their home water, they fish memories instead of fishing the conditions at the moment.
This is one reason why I took the time to post seasonal patterns and tried to explain the importance of determining what bass should be doing during that period, so you will have a starting point to check out bass locations and activity levels. Going to your favorite locations during the wrong seasonal period and using a presentation that does not target active bass at that time usually ends up as wasted day. If you didn't survey the marina area by looking at the water to determine the clarity and with your state of the art sonar to determine what depth the bass and bait fish may be using there and just fired up the boat and ran to that spot you like to fish with that lure that always works, you may be in for a long day.
It's a new year, so re read the seasonal posts and let the bass tell you what they want and where the are. Each day on the water is always a little different and this helps to make this sport what it and challenging.
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That really depends on several factors; type of bass, size and type of lake, river or pond. Bass, you mean northern largemouth bass? ie; bass are bass. It has been my experience and I'm sure Jim has tracking data for highland power generating bass, that bass move or migrate from location to location to return to a home area seanonally. In clear desert canyon reservoir I have witnessed a large school of LMB crossing several miles of open water to reach the other side of the lake in a direct migration rout over very deep water. This gives you some idea of the misconception we have about bass needing way points or channels to follow to migrate. The biggest bass pick out the ambush sites they prefer and routinely move within a home range to take advantage of available prey. I have for example caught the same bass at the same spot, during the same seasonal period (pre-spawn) for several years. I have no idea where this bass locates it's home area after spawning, however I believe it is somewhere close to the staging area. During the summer period bass tend to roam the shoreline or shallow break lines at night and can cover a few miles. Smallmouth and spots tend to roam most of the time and locate on deeper outside isolated structure, where largemouth tend to prefer structure with cover and hold longer to ambush prey. Florida LMB tend to roam more seeking larger prey fish than northern LMB, however both will hold in heavy cover at times.
This is my experience and sure others will have a different opinion. One factor to keep in mind is the activity level of bass varies, you can locate them, however making them bite your lure is another issue altogether and that is why you need to be flexible with your presentations and locations.
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I think a good spot will replenish the bass. I have a couple of spots like that but they seem to be dead during certain times and fill back up at others. If the lilly pads are there, so are the fish but when they die off the fish seem to move elsewhere. I haven't found "elsewhere" yet.... If I catch a good fish, I release it right away to the same spot. If it is a smaller one, I give it a boat ride back to my dock and release it there to avail the spot to a larger fish.
Even in windier conditions I can position the boat out of the wind and cast into the current caused by the wind into a jetty type situation.
Being in Houston, the fishing is year round and memories seem to work most of the time. If I was in an area where the weather changed drastically, I think the effect would be different.
Maybe some of the Floridians have some of the same experiences?
I'm not suggesting that you go brain dead and forget what you know about bass locations, just trying to expand your horizons a little.
River.Rick said:
Tom, I'm also guilty of fishing memories and most times this does me in during a tourney.I live on a river ,know all of the spots where the smallies should be but on most of the competition days I just can't seem to fill my box.The main river that I fish is in most places is a fast moving shallow river.Some days I crush them but most days I don't.I switch up my baits alot , try not to use my goto baits when they don't seem to be working for me,but some days nothing seems to work for me.Even when I do fill my box with quality fish someone else always seems to out weigh me.I'm new to this site,there seems to be alot of knowledge here so hopefully I will pick up on a few things that will help me achieve some success.
I new here too. Did I send you the Rivers report article, In-Fisherman?
The purpose of the post was to expand your fishing skills and knowledge by giving new presentations a chance and changing location where you fish based on seasonal periods.
I guarantee you that during the pre spawn I visit the same places where I have caught big bass before and fish memories, my old hair jigs, more than I should. However bass move seasonally and trying to catch bass during the pre spawn in shallow weedline locations doesn't work very often, you are better off moving outside to the staging areas where the bass are located.
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