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Fishing memories, not the momemt.

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Everyone tends to do what they are comfortable with and had success with. Bass fishing is no different and we go to the same places and use the exact technique that worked the last time out, regardless what the bass are actually doing at that time. This is one reason why local bass club fisherman do poorly fishing their home water, they fish memories instead of fishing the conditions at the moment.
This is one reason why I took the time to post seasonal patterns and tried to explain the importance of determining what bass should be doing during that period, so you will have a starting point to check out bass locations and activity levels. Going to your favorite locations during the wrong seasonal period and using a presentation that does not target active bass at that time usually ends up as wasted day. If you didn't survey the marina area by looking at the water to determine the clarity and with your state of the art sonar to determine what depth the bass and bait fish may be using there and just fired up the boat and ran to that spot you like to fish with that lure that always works, you may be in for a long day.
It's a new year, so re read the seasonal posts and let the bass tell you what they want and where the are. Each day on the water is always a little different and this helps to make this sport what it and challenging.
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I'm reading Tom's opening post to say don't do what some guys did last weekend in a one-day small local tournament (30 boats). One of them that I eat breakfast with at a shop often heard the bass were Florida. He got with his fishing buddy to plan ahead. We're talking bonafide ******** here ;) These guys know better than to do this, but they did it and were the first to leave before weigh-in. They put a plan together, both plotting their favorite spawning beds and pre-spawn staging areas, figuring they had a great advantage. Neither caught a bass. Water temp is 49.

The winner? First prize money went to a deep spooner alternating with a Shad Rap. He came in with 4 bass at 11#. Second place was 2 at 4#.

Read the bass season. Read water temperature. Know what temps bass do what in. Read water clarity. How active should the bass be? The guy that used the Shad Rap was dead on with the best possible crankbait choice, a flat sided tight wiggling lure that moves fairly slow to get that wiggle. His spoon was an equally great choice for THIS bass season and water temp. WHERE to do it in winter? The guy went to a series of vertical rock bluffs facing south. The water at the base of those bluffs is 60' deep. The bass stack up next to the rock this time of year.

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