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The fish are moving up and getting ready for the spawn in the SE corner of TN! The bass are moving up shallow and the crappie are already there.
Some of the reports from around the area have the crappie anywhere from 3 to 10 ft deep. Most are being caught while trolling but quite a few are doing well with minnows!
Bass are doing better with the water temps ranging from 58 to low 60's. Lots of fish falling to cranks and worms. Most are being caught up shallow in 8 ft or less of water. The lake levels should be starting to come up in the next week or so and then it will really be on!
If you are in the mood to travel or just wanting to get out there, right now is the time for it around here. Take care and keep the lines tight!

Nice report. Those water temps are long gone for me and so is the :redratltrap: bite :) Well, the "red" bite is about done with only a few here and there on it. I still get them on gold colored and chrome colored ones and those are better for me right now. In your neck of the woods that red trap bite will be in full swing.
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