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fishing in the rain

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what lure should i use when its raining?
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A general rule is light, natural colors in clear water on sunny days, but the exact opposite on dark, rainy days. The darker the sky, the darker and fatter the lure. But now the water temps are dropping everywhere, and soon bass won't be willing to chase except maybe just before a low pressure front begins dropping moderate rain, so keep in mind the need to slow it way down until rain hits, then speed it up. Lately our temp has run 60-62, ideal for a good fast paced retrieve in light rain. Pretty soon I'll break out the big blade tray for spinnerbaits since they move slower and the shad are about as big as they will get before winter die-off. My go-to in rain is a black bladed spinnerbait with black trailer. If bass schools break chasing shad I'll switch to a black spoon, sometimes with black trailer, since they always seem to break a little too far away for spinnerbaits. Rain or not I'm still bouncing deep running crankbaits off fairly shallow stumps out away from visible weedlines, using models that want to swim 15' deep, in water 5-10' deep. I think the bass get turned on seeing that long bill rooting mud. In shallower water I'm tossing original Bagley Balsa Bs and Norman Middle Ns.

Fishing that new water pouring into the lake this fall is definitely a good idea, if that water is warmer than the lake. In that case I run up the creek then fish my way down until I locate the bass. If the new water is cooler, like later in winter, I believe the best place to start is right at a mudline where new water hits cleaner warmer deep water.

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