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Fishing great in Western NY

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In the most popular creeks here it isnt as good, but I made a trip to Silver Creek here. Its a average size creek, with alot of limestone. There was some holes where there was 10-15 giants in it! The trout here are just booming and running. I acctually saw one run up rapids, and saw it cruise up a limestone path. So I took my fly, which was a "Yellow Sally", tossed it in front of him about 15 times, and finally he bit it enough to set the hook. What a steelhead!!!

How is the trout fishing in other areas? Only good here in middle and lower areas, anyone have any higher creek fish being caught?
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It is so hit and miss here right now it's unbelievable. Last Thursday I got a call from a buddy, he was at a creek about 20 minutes away and had gone 5/6 and had a hit while he was on the phone. In the half hour it took me to get there he said the fish had shut right down and dropped back.

Usually at this time of year they are predictable. Early morning they move up and feed, drop back until mid-day, come up again, and one more time in the evening. But this crazy weather has it all screwed up I guess. The feeding binges and runs of fish are coming at weird times.

I guess all you can do is fish all day! ;D
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