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I have a pond that needs some type of cover in it. Their is nothing in it to protect the bait fish. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can use. Here is a list that I have come up with so far.

1.) Brush tops
2.) Cedar tree top
3.) tree that can be laid down half way in the water

I sure could use all the suggestions I get. Thanks
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Usually, if I have a place that I need to put brush at, I will go around to the places that carry Christmas trees, and I will usually get 10-15 for $2-$5 each. They are trying to get rid of them, and will come off the price of them. Cedar trees will last a lot longer, since they are adapted to bug and moisture resistance.

However, you can easily make your own "cover" with PVC pipes and a few bricks, with a couple of 2x4's. They will literally last forever, and there is no end to the possibilities of what you want to create.
Before the dam washed out I had a really nice pond on a 12 acre farm plot. Thge best protection I could come up with was hog wire fencing. It didn't cost anything, replaced and rolled up for whoever wanted to haul it off. I blocked off one end of the pond to make a nursery that kept out larger bass. I also found that any green tree top with leaves on it last a long time if kept submerged. Cedars are long lasting, but too hard to fish, too dense. Oaks were the perfect solution for me. One pound coffee cans with both ends cut out work too, with a little concrete poured inside to make it lay on its side. Just pitch them in. I also used some old clear plastic storage tubs that were cracked, so instead of tossing out I cut holes in the sides and lid, then super glued the lids on. All that and more stuff helped increase forage until I could get some plants growing around the bank. From then on I just added tree tops and Christmas trees as needed for the bass, anchored with concrete blocks.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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