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Ok so I have moved to South Mississippi and people tell me I need to learn to read fish. I wanna learn of course but I have no idea where to start.

Where should I target them?
What about Tide?
I am fishing the rivers that feed to the bay and reds are supposed to be here but how far up will they go?
What baits :eek:verstock: should I use? :zara: :pop-r: :rapmin:

What should be my presentation?

Help me out bassholes I wanna learn..


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I never saw your post, or I would have posted in here a LOONG time ago...

First let me say that redfish love two things:
1) Crustaceans (doesn’t matter what kind; shrimp, small crabs, sand fleas, etc…)
2) Worms ... the saltwater variety is a delicacy for redfish as well as any number of other species…

SO, if you go fishing for them knowing that, you will find the redfish...

You should primarily look for two things:
1) Oyster beds
2) Flats with depressions where the redfish can wait on an incoming to head inshore further

If you find either of these near each other, mark them on your GPS you will find the redfish...

Any small crab or shrimp imitation cast in front of them is bound to get hammered...

There are two stand-bys for redfish that should NEVER, EVER be ignored:

1) golden spoon, for size you need to experiment but you should ALWAYS have a gold spoon tied on
2) Small jig head with either a shrimp or GULP! Shrimp on it…

Other items I have had a lot of success on the reds with:
Small top waters, redfish magic spinner bait…

Of course the old standby is a shrimp on a popping cork or a piece of cut bait, pinfish, or ladyfish work best I have found… on an outgoing tide works best… as it spreads the scent around…

Hope this helps!

Mike A!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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