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If you belong to a Maryland local fishing club let us know about it right here. :thumbup01:
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Thanks for responding Brian. Where is the Hub City club? Hagerstown?
We meet in Frederick I have been a member a little over a year .

If either of you want a board for your clubs in our "Bass Clubs and Organizatioins" section, let me know. We offer boards free to bass clubs. :thumbup01:
Let me know what we have to do to set it up .

Thanks Brian
The Wednesday Only Bass Club was founded and formed two years ago for guys who wanted to fish on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.
As the club name implies, we fish on Wednesday's during our tournament season. Off season, (November to early March) we still fish but only when the weather permits and it could be any day.
The club was formed to fill some basic needs, that is getting guys together to fish in the middle of the week when there is hardly any boat traffic on the water, and to accomadate retirees, or guys who have off that day and guys who have their own business and can take off when thay want. Our club tournament cost is $10 and $5 for lunker pot, 100% payed back. No annual dues, no monthly dues, no meetings (except one to start the new season). No plaques, trophy's and no funded away trips. We fish locally on tidal rivers and some ponds on the Eastern Shore of MD. & DE.
We are averaging about 10 guys per tournament from a pool of over 30 in the club.
If this appeals to you, we still have openings for more fishermen who want to have fun, be safety concious, and can communicate. For further details contact me at [email protected].
Thank You
Larry :fishing01:
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Shore Bassmasters will be up and going by the end of March!!! We are located on the Easternshore and will be associated with both MBFN and MDTBF. We will be fishing approximately 10 tournaments. The club is currently 6 members most of which are Police Officers. Always looking to expand and hope to get a few more clubs on the Shore to sign up with Marylands Organization!!!

Ryan Abey
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