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Anyone from the Hanover or King William area on here?  I am looking for a fishing club to join.  I do not have a boat so that may hurt me a bit.


David :fishing01: :fishing02: :fish:
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:wack: :wack: David, I know I've brought back a post that's almost two-years old, but I gotta ask-- Did you find a club?
Sorry to hear that, David. Here's a link to a site that's mainly for Va anglers. The guy who runs it is a fellow by the name of Jeff Banko. His "site name" is vafishing. Most of the guys on the site are from your neck of the woods or there abouts. There are a few of us from the west, but not many. Jeff is a great guy who'd be a good resource for finding a club. Along those lines, I humbly invite you to join mine- I'll vouch for you. It would probably be a real pain getting to a couple of the Smith Mountain Lake and Moomaw tournaments, but the rest are at Gaston, Kerr, The Chick and Anna.

Just something to think about, my friend! :thumbup01:

Good luck-

Jaison (shlomo)
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