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Fishing a tube????

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I am also having trouble fishing a tube....well just having trouble rigging one up. Does anyone have a visual aid that I can look at? I don't know what kind of hook to use.
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You just opened a whole can of worms! I don't have a visual aid but this is what my favorite rig up is. I use a texas rigged tube 90% of the time and this is how I rig it. I use a 03 or 04 extra wide gap worm hook in gamagatzu (this is important because not all hook companys use the same size code) thread your tube like you would texas rig a worm, Then put an exaggerated bend in the tube and push the hook out just in front of the tail then smooth the thing out and the tube will be about as weedless as you can be. Remember when you set the hook to hammer it good so you are sure to get good hook penetration. Good luck and peace out. Drew
P.S. You can peg your weight or let it slide,and be sure to cover up the smell of your hands with your favorite fish attractant.
Thanks for the tip and information!! ;)
I fish tubes almost exclusively. If you are having trouble with hook ups I suggest the following. This will also make rigging a lot easier. I mainly use the Strike King bleeding tubes with a 4/0 or 5/0 Gama. EWG. If you will take a pocket knife and starting from about a 1/4" from the head make a cut down the seam until about a 1/4" from the bottom it will free your hook up alot better. Bill Dance has an article in either Bassmaster or Bassin'. I have the mag. I will find it and post it here. It has some pics in it to see what they're talking about. It is a really good set up. Make hit miss ratio has skyrocketed since I started cutting mine.
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