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fishing 1/1/07

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I went out for two hours before all the football games started yesterday at two retainage ponds on Merritt Island again. I caught one nice bass about 1.75 lbs. on a junebug baby brush hog T-rigged w/ a 3/16 tungsten, he missed it the first strike so I flipped it back into the boil and got that second strike.
They weren't biting very well with that front coming thru in the morning and the wind was blowing pretty good.
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You have done better so far this year than most of us out there!! LOL Better luck next time!

Congrats on that one fish. At least you didn't get a ZERO. LOL :D
I would have fished until I caught one or it got dark on me, what ever it takes to avoid a zero, even fishing for fun I can't walk away.
I'm just trying to keep a rod in my hand at least once a week, only two weeks until the first tourney!
The fish was ready for some football too, Shannon lol
That's right!
Hay Shannon, you don't live that far from me. I live in Palm Bay just south of you. Garcia has been on fire lately so let me know if you ever want to go there.
Will do Keith, however the next three weeks I will going to West Lake Toho. I want to go this Sunday to practice, next Saturday for a club tournament, and then the fiirst BFL the week after that. I will hook up with you one of these days.
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