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Fishers Of Men Tournament Records

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Largest Bass
Biggest fish ever weighed
10.97lbs By: Dan Hilton -Lake; Toledo Bend -Date; Feb. 4, 2006

Second biggest fish ever weighed
10.77 lbs By: Bill Hughes -Partner - James Strickland -Lake; Caddo Lake -Date; Feb. 12, 2005 at 2:30 pm -Bait: Creature type bait

Heaviest 5-fish Limit
Hugh Jackson & David Croft 32.98
Lake Murray SC Lowcountry May 13th 2006

Daryl Starkey & Chris Daves 32.91
Lake Murray SC Lowcountry May 14th 2005

1st Triple Qualifier for National Championship
Brian and Kyle Maloney-Ozarks Points Champs, Top 7 at Regionals, Highest Finishing Adult Junior

Largest Fish in a FOM National Championship
8.74 lb
Tim Kowalewski & Steve Patrick
Maryland East division
2005 National Championship in Winter Haven Florida - Day 1
Feb.9, 2006

Largest Fish in a FOM Championship
9.37 lb
Ricky Blakeney & Robbie Meyers
MS Central Division
2006 South Central Regional Championship - Day 1
October 27 2006
Ross Barnette Reservior - Ridgeland Mississippi​
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I know Brian Maloney from the first club I ever joined. A stand up guy!
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