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Fished Pruitts Lake with new "used" boat!!!

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Well, I took the boat out and it did great. I didn't do too much fishing.......cold front came in and the wind was kicking my butt. LOL Here are a couple pics.

Here are some pictures of Pruitt Lake.

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drool!! I wanna go fishin! haha :p This time next weekend I'll be hiding from gators! :eek:

Nice looking place !
One of our old high school coaches caught a 10+ pound bass off of one of those pillers.
awesome I cant wait to hit the lake Tuesday, gotta get a few things at BPS Monday got a few gift cardsand a bunch of rewards points that will pay for a new crankbait reel. The gift card Kylie got me for Valentines day is burnin a hole in my pocket!!!!! Dave
That place looks yummy!!!
Congrats on getiing your boat out on the water.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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