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Fished memories. Not the moment.

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Would have loved to have some pics to post from my trip to the honeyhole but I don't. Know why? I took one of my friends with me that hasn't been out in a while and we stunk the place up. First all, the conditions were not the same, but did I change? No. I threw the same crap that has been successful in the past out there. I even methodically picked apart every spot I caught fish last time. (The memories) I still caught nil. What amazes me is that even though I read the original post, I still did it. I understood everything I read, agreed with it and still strayed. Wanna hear something crazy. At the tourney at Livingston last weekend, 24 fish were caught out of 140 anglers. It was a Federation tourney. Only 18 anglers caught a fish. There were no limits caught either. I found it pretty funny that when you look up the stats, 122 anglers tied for 19th. LOL!!!!! It makes me feel better to point this out because it takes me mind off of my goof. Eventually, that hard head of mine will get it.
P.S. Did manage to catch one crappie about 14 inches.
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We all do that more often then anyone will ever admit. Did you read "caution with overload". It's sometimes very difficult to put everything in place. Sometimes the harder you try the further behind you get.
That must have been one tough day of fishing. That many guys getting skunked, I wouldn't feel bad about it if I did too.
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