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First tournement

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Just wanted to tell you guys im fishing my first tournement tommorow. Im kinda excited just hope the old mind dont go blank around takeoff time :withstupid:!! Take care guys Dave
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Good luck, Dave! Ketchabigun.
Good luck to you
Best of luck to you! And remember number one rule of tournament fishing... have fun and relax! :)
Go get em devil dog!! And tell us all the details!!
Good luck Dave!
Well weighed in 3 fish 7lbs just a bad day weatherwise cold rainy and winds about 15-20. Think i ended up 13th overall. Alot of guys didn't weigh anything in, so i was fortunate. It was a good learning experience though. Take care everybody! Dave
Nice going Dave, where did you fish it sounded like the lake I was on. I was pre-fishing Harris Chain and ran from rain and cold wind, hid under a bridge during a hail storm and finally pulled out after the lightning started to pop.

But I ain't complaining. I stilled enjoyed the opportunity to fish :)
I know what you mean, there isn't really a bad day of fishing.... unless maybe you wreck your boat, lose all your rods and tackle, and get chased by a 10+ foot alligator and three overly aggressive water moccasins. I guess THAT would be a bad day!! Dave
TCB, that fish in my AV is from Lil Lake Harris ( east of the bridge on hwy 19 )

Thanks for the info. I know the area fairly well. Hadn't been to far east of the bridge. Mainly have work the bridge pilings with cranks and senkos. There are a few coves going into residential areas east of the bridge that I have wormed with some success. I fish a ABA event this weekend out of Buzzard Beach. I did not really locate a good supply of fish because of the weather last weekend hope the boater I draw will have some knowledge. I even ran the canal down to Dora and had no luck on the grass lines.

Thanks & take care
TCB. Good luck on the tourney... I got that fish off a senko knock-off in JuneBug off of a log / stump also had I believe a 1/16th oz weight pegged... Seemed on the ' wood ' the fish would hammer it. Under docks, you wouldnt feel them, just see your line moving.
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