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First tournament of 2012

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Our first tournament of the year is this Saturday on Lake Keowee. We are putting in at Mile Creek. Safelight untill 3pm. Membership dues are $25 for all returning members and $50 for all new members. Tournament entry fee is $50 for a team or solo. Just a reminder to all that The Hot Hole and The Skimmer Wall are off limits during the tournament. We are excepting new members and you can pay dues at the ramp. Hope to see everyone this Saturday.
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Yes the hole is that hot. It is a discharge area coming out of the power plant and the water is always warmer there than the rest of the lake. If the water temp on the main lake is say 50 degrees it will be 70 in the hot hole. Because of this most local clubs dont allow members to fish the marked off area during tournaments.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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