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I know this isn't the tourney board but I paid my dues and joined a Federation club last night. I am going to fish my first club tourney Saturday. I am so excited and pumped up!!!! I am fishing as a non-boater this year. I am going to fish the 2007 season with a friend. I figure it'll be a world of knowledge since he drew a check in 4 out of 6 tourneys last year. One win, two top fives, and one top ten. He has also qualified for the super six. I am buying me a boat in Feb. so next year I can fish the 2008 season by myself. Wish me luck guys!! I'll give a full report Sunday morning. The tourney is at Coletta Creek. I have caught two 17 plus stringers this summer with one that was almost 20 in the beginning of summer. I know the lake pretty well so we'll see. Later guys!!!!!
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