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First fishing rod

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I got my first fishing rod and reel combo last month. It's a Zebco 404. It came with a basic starter tackle kit. I'm curious to know if I made a good choice?

There seems to be so many options out there. How do I know what is the best brand and type of rod and reel to get? :confused:
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Well that is like Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge. Opinions will vary.

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Getting your first fishing rod can be an exciting experience! Here are some tips to consider when selecting your first fishing rod:
  1. Determine what type of fishing you will be doing - freshwater or saltwater, lake or river, etc. This will help you choose the right type of rod.
  2. Consider the length and power of the rod. Longer rods generally cast farther, but shorter rods can provide more precision. Power refers to the rod's ability to handle heavier or lighter fishing lines and lures.
  3. Think about the material of the rod. Graphite and fiberglass are common options. Graphite is more sensitive and lighter, while fiberglass is more durable and flexible.
  4. Look for a rod with a comfortable grip that fits your hand well.
  5. Consider the price. You don't have to spend a lot of money on your first fishing rod, but investing in a quality rod can make a big difference in your experience.
Overall, choosing your first fishing rod should be a fun and educational experience. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from experienced anglers or a fishing shop Dubai. Good luck!
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