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Yeah it was cold last Sunday on Lake Norman in NC.
Lots of wind and rough water. Air temp = 40s. H2O = lo 50s.
I decided to join the Polar Bear club and go for a swim.
Not a conscious choice to get wet, but I went all the way under.
I was reaching for a rod that had fallen overboard (I keep floats on all of them) and gravity overcame my desire to stay in the boat. I was wearing a lot of layers and a Sospender(auto inflate).
Wish someone could have gotten it on film.
Real glad I added a ladder to this boat.
Also, have a new appreciation for my truck heater.

Lessons learned: keep rods strapped down. Always have a ladder on your boat. PFD all the time. The shock of the cold water is really something and the PFD kept my head above water inspite of my heavey winter clothes and boots acting like a sponge. The SOSpender or whatever PFD, is a good idea to wear even after you stop the big engine. In the winter that cold water can be disorienting and cause you to panic.

Also, keep your cell phone in a water tight bag stored on the boat. I am now in the process of recreating my phone book.
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