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Finesse Jig Tips
By Dave White

I get hundreds of emails weekly asking what my favorite all time producer for bass is, and if I have any little secret baits that I consistently use as "go to" baits.
Well I have to say there is only ONE that I use on a constant basis and always land fish on, it is the shrunken million dollar bait.

The Finesse Jig
Jigs are called the million dollar bait for a reason they have made many pros millions..
I downsize my presentation when needed, and have one of these Finesse Jigs tied on 1 pole at all times.

The Jigs:
The Jigs I use are made locally and are only sold in 2 shops
They are constructed of living rubber; wire and a light wire hook
the perfect combo for a finesse jig.
They come in brown, black, brown/black, avocado, blue, black/blue, brown/orange, white, black/yellow.

The trailers I use are Zoom swimming chunks and bearpaws hand poured baits finesse trailers the bearpaws, are fortified with megastrike.

I try to match the jig color to the trailer.

The wire that holds the skirt onto the hook is in my opinion far superior to the "rubber band" as it holds up many times longer and you really don't have to worry about the skirt coming loose.

They have helped me weigh fish in on MANY tournaments and on many lakes

I will cover how I use these finesse jigs around docks to land fish in this article

Let me explain the target areas on where to fish the jigs
Rocky shoreline represented by the arrows is a great place to work the jigs.
Cast to shore let set for about 20 seconds then slowly drag the jig about 5 feet, stop for about 30 seconds and repeat.

Edges of weeds and in the weeds are always good
I know there are weeds and grass in this area of the lake
and I fish them heavy, do not be afraid to get a few weeds and some grass on your jig.
Target areas and key areas by the back of boats, and the edges of the weeds should be hit heavy and more then one cast per spot use the same retrieve as above
Cast let sit for 20 seconds move about 5 feet and let the jig rest for 30 seconds.

Docks and boats hold many fish but a lot of anglers do not hit docks with jigs properly.
Sometimes you have to get right in there by the boat or dock to produce fish,
Over the ropes and all.
This also calls for setting your drag lightly so a fish wont
break you off when they do bite,
as you are going to be in for a tangled mess and must work the fish out slowly and with skill to land them.

The target areas are where you will most likely find the bass.
On the docks I just open the bail and let the jig fall straight down until the line stops,
then close the bail and let the jig rest for about 15 seconds.

Jig it off the bottom with a slight "pop" of the rod tip, and let sit for 30 seconds
Repeat this technique 3 times in each location before moving onto another spot.

Do not forget to also hit the dock intersects; these are a key to dock fishing and an often overlooked spot

Between the boats
This is where the mess and tangles can come into play keep your drag set light
And ease the fish out.

As you can see this is a very effective way to land bass.
When? Anytime of year
Where? Anywhere
I always have a finesse jig and trailer tied on, and fish it from 8 inches of water to 80 feet of water
So now you know my secret bait and some tips on how to fish them.

A few pics of other bass taken on the finesse Jig

My son, David with a huge bass on the same jig


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Nice article thanks. Old School has blessed us with some good tips on jig fishing also as that is one of his favorite lures.

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Thanks man, very informative! Im trying to get better at swimming jigs, thats one technique im still a bit hazy on. Dave
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