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Finally replaced my stolen Boat

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Well I picked up my new boat from Fun-N-Sun on Tuesday. Thanks So much Jeff Scott. See how the color matches my truck.
2007 Skeeter SX170 with a 90.

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Hope your wife is doing better, very nice boat gotta love Skeeter!!!! Dave
Where did you get that Keith i want one!!!! I saw something cool yesterday it was a bass that covered your trailer ball but it was hooked to where you hook the lights for your boat so when you hit the brakes the bass's tail went back and forth! I was going to follow the people to ask where they got it but they pulled into a funeral home so i didnt think they wanted me askin them hey wher'd you get the ball cover... its so cool! Dave
bassass said:
Dave you can get the bass at bass pro shops, my daughter got me one for christmas 2 years ago.

bassass Thanks man i thought theyd sell it just havent had time to check. Dave
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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