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FINALLY got my Happy New Year fish

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We got rained out at work today right after lunch. Well, I ran around for a while, TCOB. Got home, grabbed a rod and a few lures and went down to the lake. I fished about an hour and a half, had one dink tailbite my worm, and was heading back to the truck as the sun was going down. I decided to make one last cast in an area where I had seen a fish busting about an hour before. As I worked the rig back to the bank, my line suddenly went completely slack. I reeled the slack out and set the hook on a 13-14" LMB. FINALLY!!!
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Way to go hi steel!! :clap:
A pic of a 1-1.5 lber?! :p :eek: He was hooked deep, so one side kinda looked like a red fish. Thanks Jared, that monkey has really been on my back the past few weeks. It sure is nice to catch one.
I haven't got my New Years bass yet!
way to go man. Cant wait to get a fish on the end of my line again.
Nice. That just primed the pump for many more to come. ;D
Just gotta get that one last cast!
When it works like that it makes you do again and again and again.
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