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FInally a day off!

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Man I finally got a day off! Yesss! Ive worked 84 hours in the past week and have off until Monday 6:30pm. Im head out fishing today. Its a beautiful over cast day too! yeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwww lol I am headed to a new lake in a town called Cheraw. I dont know much about the place other than its bout 2 miles long, has cypress, stumps and lily pads. I checked satelite imagery and I see some docks too. Let ya know more when i get home.
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Well Im back from my lil fishin trip. The lake is pretty nice however its got some brown grass in there that I hate seeing in any lake. Usually when I see this type of grass (unsure of name of it yet) it means very few fish in and around it. Its a brown coontail like grass and it seems to constantly be decaying. ANother lake by me, Darpo Lake, has it in it too and it has taken over the lake and you just about need TNT to get a fish. Fortunately this new lake, Jasper Lake, is not that far gone. I caught a couple lil guys today and one sick as hell looking pickerel. This pickerel was odd looking!! His head was nearly as long as the rest of his body and his body itself was grotesquely thin, as if anorexic. When he nailed my jerbait it was a very docile hit and instead of the usually fast running fight pickerel give, this fish was just dead weight more or less. It was definitely sick and STARVING. I wonder if the grass had anything to do with his condition. All I know is the DNR will hear from me this week and get an earful about yet another lake they are screwing up here in South Carolina. :cussin:

Ok im done bitching lol

Im going back tomorrow to Jasper Lake. This time I am taking my gas motor so I can run the whole lake. It was larger than I thought and i only had my electric today (thought it was electric only lake). I did find some very nice sharp drops in the middle of the lake. I found a whole series actually. The bottom contour of the lake looks as if at one point there were several small creeks that meandered through the area and that the damn was placed strategically to back them all up and flood the valleys. So what you see on the sonar screen now is not just one creek channel but several all within 20 - 50 feet from each other. When going from one side of the lake to the other you see the bottom go from 10' to 16' to 10' to 16' to 10 to 16'. Its pretty cool. I marked off one today and fished on the sharp drop a bit but didnt too well. I am thinking once the weather cools and the water temps drop, these sharp breaks and channels could mean some serious action. I cant wait for fall and winter to get here! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I will do better than today because even though I caught a couple small ones... today sucked lol
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