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favorite weedless jig

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I would like to know what your favorite weedless jig is. I need to buy a mold and was wondering what one would be the best seller. I have had alot of people ask if I have them in weedless jigs and have lost alot of sales because of this.
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Lunker Lure and Booyah have been good to me, along with BPS jigs. But they don't have 'em with polar bear hair. ;D
Barlows Tackle Poison Tail weedless jig.
Only the best for the Bass Holes!
Ps; this is a secret, don't tell anyone!
oldschool said:
this is a secret, don't tell anyone!
your secret is safe with me and the 284 bassholes :) LOL
Darn, everyone seems to know. I guess we call this sharing. Nice colors.
Boo-yah is my favorite but the bait monkey struck the other day and i got some tru-tungsten jigs 3\8 ounce and i'll by trying them as soon as possible. Dave
hi steel basser said:
Where's the weedguard?!
The jig shown is one by Gotstafish and is similar to the Barlows, looks like the same mold. The mold can accommodate a fiber weed guard, its up to the jig maker to insert the guard when molding. You can use a True Turn Hitch Hiker and short worm section for a weed guard also, with jigs that have horizontal hook eye.
When the master molds are done they will accommodate a twin twisted stainless weedguard.
GotstaFish said:
When the master molds are done they will accommodate a twin twisted stainless weedguard.
Stan Sloan's Zorro weed guard design is a good choice.
I love Booyah and Strike King jigs, but a few months ago I tried these out,, they are by far the most weedless jig I have ever fished.
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Interesting design to protect the line tie at the hook eye. This is one of the shortest jig hooks I've seen used.The jig head being the heaviest part of a jig falls downward through the water column with the line trailing behind on a vertical drop presentation like flipping or pitching into pockets. When a bass strikes this short shank hook jig the head will follow the line pull when you set the hook and pull the bullet shape out the basses mouth without hooking into tissue, unless the bass turns away from the line pull direction. The design relies on a wide gap hook in an effort to over come the problem. This good looking jig maybe just as fishless as it is weedless, if cast horizontally or the bass strikes it like like a crawdad falling vertically. Just my opinion.
I have tried these they are hard to find in the size and colors I want.
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